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🔥 Witch ready to hex your soul 🔥 Just Kidding! 🥹

I am looking for someone who can take care of a bit of a self-proclaimed Queen 👸 in her rights; it is not an easy task, so be sure you can be respectful & mindful of that fact. x

I am also a Life Coach & an Aspiring Barrister trying to fulfil my ultimate dream. Got some substantial ambitions & I adore chivalry & love being spoilt without having to ask.

I am a young empty nester that is looking for an established companion to share time with. I am looking for something long-term.

Other than that, I am open to the possibilities. I am an open-minded and accepting human being - I have had a no-labels policy for most of my life.

I Identify as Pansexual & Sapio Sexual.

I enjoy politics, arts, sketching, reading, occasionally writing ✍️ & working on my dissertation & books, music and comfort. I love to experience new things. I enjoy taking care of appreciative people. I hope to make a lasting connection.

Let us write the rules as we go along! xx

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